League Rules 2016

(These rules supersede any of the applicable NSA rules)


1.      Plate and mat are strikes.

2.      If the arc of the pitch does not reach the minimum height of 4 feet or exceeds the maximum height of 10 feet, it shall be declared verbally as "Illegal" by the umpire at any point after the pitch is released. If the batter does not swing at this pitch, it will be called a ball.

3.       The pitcher must be within the imaginary 5 foot circle around the pitching rubber when he releases the ball.

4.       Runner coming in for home must go for mat when possible unless it is being blocked.

5.      3 Home Run limit per team per game. First homerun after that, per team, will be an out. Every homerun after that, per team, will be an INNING ENDING out. (No runners may advance)

6.       Homeruns do NOT have to be run out.

7.       No stealing and no lead offs.

8.      10 run rule after 5 innings, 15 after 4 innings, and 20 after 3 innings.

9.      Any balls that go under the outfield fence or roll past the fence without going over it are considered a Ground Rule Double.

10.  Foul Ball 3rd Strike is an Out.

11.    Courtesy/Switch runners are allowed one time per inning. The last person to make an out is the replacement runner.  If Base Bugler is in effect the courtesy runner can be used after the Base Bugler has been used. 

12.    Games will have a max time limit of 1 hour. Start of game will be a 1-1 count (1 Ball 1 Strike). At 50 minutes once a new inning begins, the game becomes 1 pitch for the remainder of the game.

13.     Both teams of the first game on the field are responsible for field setup, and both teams of the last game are responsible for field tear down. Setup includes putting in bases. Tear down includes putting away bases and locking the building as well as cleaning up papers, garbage, debris, etc (including stands). Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 fine per team.

14.    Umpire fees must be paid before games start ($20.00).

15.    Any team that forfeits a game is responsible for both teams umpire fees ($40.00).

16.    Umpire(s) have the right to eject players or teams at any time. Ejected player or team must leave the complex immediately, and will be considered suspended for the remainder of that game, and at least one additional game. All ejections must be reported to one of the league officers for review.

17.    No alcohol permitted in dugouts or in the playing field area. Violators will be ejected and suspended. First offense is a 2 game suspension. The 2nd offense is the player will not be permitted to participate in the rest of the season.

18.    The team that damaged the outfield fence must repair it immediately. Zip ties will be available in the storage room.

19.    Rosters must be turned in before the opening tournament. You are allowed to make changes to your roster before July 3rd. A league officer must approve any roster additions or changes before playing.

20.    Only players that are listed on your official roster are allowed to play on your team (exception, see rule #19) unless approval is given by opposing team. If approval is given, then the game will count. The opposing team reserves the right to reject unofficial roster player additions (rejection must be made before the start of the game). Every team's official roster will be kept at the fields and made available to team managers. Managers have the right to question and/or ID members of the opposing team if the manager believes a player to be illegal. If a team is caught trying to play illegal players, the team may be suspended from the league.

21.    To avoid forfeits and with the opposing team manager's approval, you are allowed to pick up one player to form a team of nine. This player cannot be listed on any of the team rosters in the league and must sign the roster before he or she steps onto the field (insurance purposes).

22.    Any misconduct by a team or a player, 1st time is a warning, 2nd time player(s) will be ejected for the year, 3rd time the WHOLE team is terminated for the year.

23.    Metal spikes are allowed.

24.  Respect and obey all laws at the complex.

25.    Rainouts will be called off by 10:30 A.M. on the day games are scheduled. League officers will make the decision. If earlier games are canceled it does not necessarily mean that the later games will be canceled.

26.    All bats must have the thumb print stamp. First offense by a team or player will be the bat and player are ejected from the game. The second offense for a player is that player will not be permitted to participate in the rest of the season. The second offense for a team will be to forfeit the game. The third offense by a team will be expulsion from the league.

27.    We ask that after each teams’ games, both team text message the scores of both games to Mary Sternthal, 330-565-1558.

28.    Any incident/infraction that occurs during the game should be reported to a board member.

29.    Any questions on Altered bats will handled in the following manner:

1.       After the game the bat will be inspected by removing the grip and weighed. (Accusers expense to regrip if bat is believed to be good.)

2.       If the suspected bat is in question the board has the ability to remove the end cap for further inspection. (Accuser expense to replace bat if bat is believed to be good.)

3.       If after inspection the bat is believed to be altered penalties are:

1.       The team that used the altered bat will be forced to forfeit that weeks games.

2.       The bat will be turned into the NSA with the applicable penalties to occur.

30.  No ASA 2013 only bats are allowed.

31. There will be no refunds awarded to any team for any reason.

Rule changes/additions are indicated in bold.